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Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in Florida

Buying a House in Florida

Property For Sale in Florida

Population Growth- Florida, which is also known as the “Sunshine State, is one of the most popular states to live in the US. Some research reveals that the number of residents has increased significantly between 2019 and 2020. This fact is important to be aware of as it means that there is a constant supply of tenants, which will be profitable for you if you are considering buying a property for sale in Florida to rent it out. Besides, it is well known as one of the best places to live in Florida for families.

Job Growth- Florida’s economy and job opportunities are really appealing. It is home to a great number of well-known companies. Florida holds one of the fastest job growth rates in the US. So, it’s highly recommended buying a house in Florida to make money in the short run and see how your wealth keeps growing in the long run. It’s a one-time investment. Contact your nearest real estate agent at BBO Realty and start looking for the right property for sale in Florida.

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Unique Lifestyle- Apart from being considered the best place to live in Florida for families, nice weather, golden beaches and a large variety of attractions make Florida one of the best places to live. Therefore, more and more visitors arrive to this awesome state, which boosts rental strategies. Don’t hesitate to choose one of the best places to live in Florida.


Even though Florida is getting more and more visitors each year, this beautiful place is still one of the cheapest states to buy a house, and as a result, a very important investment. As a result, selling a house in Florida becomes one of the easiest transactions as properties for sale in Florida are on demand every week.


It is true that the Florida real estate market was affected negatively by COVID-19 as many other states. During 2020 property sales dropped independently of the type of it. However, recent research from Florida Realtors suggests that the local housing market  is increasing again. It has been proven that  in 2021 property sales went up in general. The sale prices of cash flow properties for sale in Florida have increased as well, which means that this year is the perfect timing to find the best places to invest in real estate in Florida.

Best places to invest in Florida

Traditional rental property

Whether you’re considering buying in a buyer’s market or in a seller’s market, we can guide you to find the best places to invest in Florida.


At BBO Realty we have deeply examined the 2021 Florida real estate market, collecting data from a great variety of highly reliable sources. Our analysis was based on the traditional cash or cash return metric to know which are the best cities in Florida where you can find the most profitable properties for investment. Real estate agents are well-prepared to show you the best properties for sale in Florida. See the list of the best places to live in Florida below:

  • Naples

  • Sarasota

  • Melbourne

  • Miami

  • Fort Lauderdale

  • Jacksonville

  • Tampa

  • Pensacola

  • Orlando

  • Fort Myers

  • Cape Coral

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